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Air Plug Gauge fi 3 -fi 8

Naša šifra: KCP-AIR-3-8
Air Plug Gauge fi 3 -fi 8
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Dobavljivost: približno 50 dni
250,00 € + DDV

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Product Information
  • Air Plug Gauges are provided with pair of Master Setting Ring (higher & lower).
  • Adjustable depth collar can be provided for checking specific height.
  • Offered with 2, 3 & 4 measuring jets as per requirement.
  • Also offered to suit different makes, as per requirement.

Air Gauges are indispensable tool for precision batch and mass production. As tolerances have gotten tighter on the shop floor, air gauging is often the only way to make the check fast and easy for the operator. 
Air gauge system is a non-contact gauging system and thereby it has longer life due to minimal frictional wear. 
Two setting masters ensure linearity online as well as magnification.

We offer a wide range of Air gauging with provision of 2 jets, 3 jets & 4 jets configurations to air probes making it best suitable for internal as well as external dimensions, average diameter, taper, ovality & face run-out. 
Air gauges are also suitable for checking relative dimension such as flatness, parallelism, center distance, squareness & concentricity.

Air Gauge Features

  • Very high accuracy i.e. end of assumptions
  • No subjectivity
  • Repeatability
  • Ease of operation
  • Self cleaning ability &
  • Very fast response time


Hole Through hole
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