Expansion into Foreign Markets and Other Industries

International Business Expertise

Precisium INT d.o.o. excels in international business within the metal processing industry. With a sales team based in Germany, we have exceptional coverage in the DACH region and are actively expanding our customer network to Scandinavia and other promising markets.

Diverse Industry Outreach

Our aim is to attract customers from various industries, including automotive, electrical, food, medical, sports, and more, who need manufacturers and service companies from the metal processing sector. A diverse customer portfolio helps mitigate risks.

Partner with Us

Join us as a supplier, and we will not only connect you with customers but also uncover business opportunities and forward inquiries your way. Good suppliers are highly valued globally.

We will feature you on our portal, actively seeking potential customers and relaying inquiries to you.

For more information, reach out to us at: int.shop@precisium.si