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Meas. heads XT THREAD for internal thread meas., 3-point suitable for Bowers readouts No. 2510802b & 2502803b M12x1,5

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Meas. heads XT THREAD for internal thread meas., 3-point suitable for Bowers readouts No. 2510802b & 2502803b M12x1,5
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Product Details

Meas. heads XT THREAD for internal thread meas., 2-point suitable for Bowers readouts No. 2510801b & 2502801b

  • DIN 863
  • Protection class IP67, Sylvac System
  • Measuring faces hardened steel for measuring the effective pitch diameter of internal threads
  • Large LCD display
  • With Bluetooth function and SylvacBT Smart App for a wireless data transmission
  • Several measuring heads in different sizes can be used with only one readout unit
  • Heads are interchangeable within a few seconds and can be used on existing pistol grip holders
  • Accuracy of 0.004mm assures very precise measurement results

Delivered in a case (just if a measuring head, readout unit, and setting ring are ordered; otherwise, we deliver in individual packages)

IMPORTANT ORDER NOTICE - A complete BOWERS pistol grip bore gauge for internal thread measurement consists of the following components:

2510 95. – 2510 97.: Measuring heads XT THREAD
2510 80.b (see menu "Accessories"): Digital readout units with pistol grip XTH
2511 15. – 2511 16. (see menu "Accessories"): Thread setting rings incl. certificate and marking of actual pitch Ø


  • On/Off
  • mm/inch commutation
  • Zero setting at any position
  • Preset function ±
  • Max. / min. memory
  • Hold function
  • Data output Proximity

Advantages in comparison to traditional thread gauges:

  • Unrivalled speed and ease of use by reducing the time wasted screwing hard gauges in or out.
  • Provides the machinist with an actual size when forming a thread, avoiding multiple cuts and saving machining time.
  • No need for multiple hard gauges, therefore reducing annual calibration costs.

! Measuring heads XT THREAD M4 or > M20 - M300 and UN, trapezoidal, Buttress, ACME, spherical or left-hand thread, as well as special forms on request.

! In case of inquiry, please indicate if you want to measure major, minor, or actual pitch diameter. See sketches regarding special thread measuring heads above. Alternatively, you can also send us a workpiece drawing.

! Important note: UKAS calibration certificates aren´t included with single measuring heads. We recommend that Bowers calibrates these items with an existing readout unit to assure correct measurements (surcharge). In case of ordering the readout units No. 2510 8..b or No. 2502 8.. separately the UKAS calibration will be free of charge.


Size M12x1,5
Origin GB
Type of use Meas. Heads
What would you like to measure? Threads
Digital, Analog, Dial? Digital