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Limit plug gauges DIN2245 (Go + NoGo) Ø 1,0mm H7

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Limit plug gauges DIN2245 (Go + NoGo) Ø 1,0mm H7
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(Go + NoGo) Ø 1,0mm H7

Product Details

Limit plug gauges DIN2245 (Go + NoGo)

  • DIN 2245
  • Tolerance H7
  • GO and NO-GO side
  • Hardened tool steel
  • GO side with wear allowance (workshop gauge)

Delivered in individual packages

! TIN- and TICN-coated limit plug gauges and measuring faces in special shapes on request.


Origin CN
Size Ø 1,0mm H7
Type of use Check if the hole is within tolerances, Limit plug gauges-standard
Measure plug gauge Ø 1,0mm H7
Measure 1,00
Tolerance H7
What would you like to measure? Holes
Material2 Hardened Steel
Material Hardened steel